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Gallery Design Center
Current Exhibition
  • Chinese Expressionism


    The new century has witnessed the rapid development of private art museums in China. However, there also exist some problems: much importance has been attached to infrastructure while the roles of a museum in collection, display and academic research has been neglected. Such roles, especially that in academic collection, can reflect an art museum’s academic direction as well as it academic status. Among various private art museums, How Art Museum is one of those which have clear academic goals.

  • Taste of the East: Masterpieces of Chinese Art

    2012.02.26 - 2012.03.04

    taste of the east: masterpieces of chinese art opens on february 26 at 3:00pm at shanghai art museum. this exhibition will present a selection of works from collection of the how art museum (opening soon). the concept of the exhibition is to show the aestheticism in modern and contemporary chinese art and, moreover, to present the pieces of art made by contemporary chinese artists in china and abroad. located in shanghai zhangjiang/ pudong district, how art museum is supposed to be a vital cultural centre with its collection of masterpieces of contemporary chinese art, special exhibitions and educational programs.

  • “品藏东方——中国经典艺术展”

    2012.02.26 - 2012.03.04



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