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International Curatorial Residency Project Curatorial Project

  • Published:MARCH, 2018 (TENTATIVE)

    How Art Museum Press Release Conference for the Grand Opening 2017


Program Objective

HOW Art Museum | International Curatorial Residency Program aims at developing the communication and exchange between HOW Art Museum, international curators and art institutions, so as to establish more extensive and effective cooperation system of research and exhibition. As one of the essential programs in HOW Art Museum’s academic system, International Curatorial Residency Program offers residency opportunities for international curators, art historians, art critics, and art writers.

Program Cycle

A long-term and year-round program at How Art Museum (Shanghai)

Call for application will be conducted twice a year, and while the cycle number of the program each year depends on the available periods of successful candidates.

Residency Duration

Minimum 10 days, maximum 3 months.

During the course of residency, if the curators, art historians, art critics, or art writers have intention to extend their stay at HOW Art Museum, extension application should be submitted.

Residency Location

How Art Museum (Shanghai) + Shanghai Onehome Art Hotel

Number of Curators-in-Residency

The number of curators-in-residency depends on circumstances. Around 20-30 curators will be invited to participate annually.


Open to international curators, art historians, art critics, and art writers around the world. The successful candidate is expected to research and write around the local art scene of Shanghai, to learn about the contemporary art world of China and to establish networks and dialogues between local and international artists.


The successful candidates need apply for the travel expenses independently.

HOW Art Museum covers the food and accommodation in Shanghai, and provides working space at museum.

Residency Application (1st Cycle)

Application Material

Digital Application Form

Application Material

Digital Application Form

CV (include academic background, and relevant past projects)

Residency research/curatorial project proposal (objectives ,approach,and background, within 10 pages, with images preferred)

Program Judge

Application submitted to HOW Arts Museum will be reviewed by a panel of judges, including the board members and the director of HOW Art Museum, and the program manager. Candidates will be interviewed through email or Skype. Results will be published on the website of HOW Art Museum | International Curatorial Residency Program, the official WeChat platform, and through the art media. All the successful candidates will be notified through email.

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