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Ticket type: HOW Family Card ( 2 Years )
Time: 2018.01.17-2020.01.18
Price: 1000.00
(Mainland China mobile number only)

This card is limited to 2 adults and 2 children only

Valid period

Within 2 years upon receipt of the card after activate

Free exhibition

Free access to exhibitions throughout the year (half-price for one companion only)

Special invitation to opening receptions of HOW Art Museum

Exclusive activities

Free guided tour made by curators, artists and the museum director

Exclusive membership activities organized by HOW Art Museum (including artist studios, art workshops and art salons)

Priority in appointment and attendance in public educational activities throughout the year

Favorable offering for all kinds of charging events at HOW Art Museum (including live performances, workshops, talks,seminars and forums, etc.)

Bonus points

You could get bonus points in HOW Art Museum, HOW Store and OneHome Hotel after you bind the card and activate it

You will receive six vouchers with a total amount of RMB 1000 for (staying or dining at) OneHome Hotel after activating your membership card (one voucher for RMB 300, two vouchers for RMB 200 and three vouchers for RMB 100; only one voucher can be used each time)

Regularly receive information exclusive to members.

Exclusive family rights

Favorable offering to attend classes at HOW Art Education Center (20% discount for all courses)

Birthday gifts from HOW Art Museum to children born in the given day

Surrounding Benefits

Favorable buying books from chain stores of Shanghai Book Publishing Co., Ltd. (35% discount for all books)

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